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H9lMoadidas zx KsgA lMs
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adidas鞋,Such words you will believe! Xu Zirong furious curse. Boss you say right! These damn guys are nonsense! Liu Dabao looked submissive look, Xu Zirong's gas is also considered a lot of down. He said: Now Zhao Hao was kept in prison, otherwise the two of us can discuss it, to face this matter together. Yes, to find the bodies of the brothers yet? Generally drowned in the water after the cadaver variation will float, which is floating and floating fish from the bottom is a reason.
adidas ultra boost,But after death, but also just a corpse Bale. To the last fact, and other creatures do not have much difference, are just a carrion! Continue to send people to find! Now time is not long, the body has not mutated, so there is no float. Once the body was found, immediately sent to the crematorium to cremate, and then to the brothers bought the tomb. Since they are dead for me to do things, I must not be sorry for them! Finished, Xu Zirong felt a kind of physical and mental tired feeling.
adidas鞋子,The sinking of the vessel there are Xu Zirong hands of the second figure, but also his number one generals - Zhang Weidong. And locked in the prison Zhao Hao is his first number of characters, and Zhao Weidong they can be called his right arm. A text, a military, complement each other, for him to watch this small piece of heaven and earth. Now Zhao Hao was imprisoned in the prison, and Zhang Weidong and students but not dead, but dead, it is estimated that the number of bad luck! Lost the two men, his strength is almost lost half.